Check Exported Borrower Data Against Alice Borrower Data


This step compares and updates the Student ID stored in Alice with the one supplied by the Admin System. Students are matched by their name and if the program cannot match unambiguously, you will be asked to make the match manually.


Perform these steps at the Alice Shutdown computer. Follow either the Short Instructions or the Detailed Instructions. You do not need to do both.


Short Instructions

1.                  Click on the link ‘Check Alice Borrowers.exe to download and execute the file containing the procedure to check the exported Admin Student Data against the Alice library borrower data.

2.                  Unzip the file to L:\OASIS\AOASIS and then click Close to run the checking program.
(If your Alice is not installed on the L: drive, change L: to the appropriate drive letter.)

3.                  Ensure the Admin System-Alice data transfer disk is in the floppy disk drive A: and press Enter to load the file A:\STUDENT.TXT. If STUDENT.TXT is stored on a USB drive change A:\STUDENT.TXT to the correct drive letter and path to load from the USB drive.

4.                  If any students are not matched by name then select them from the list of un-matched students. To skip a student who has left, press <Esc> and then <C>ontinue.

5.                  When all students have been matched, Print the summary.


If the short instructions were too brief, follow the Detailed Instructions below.


Detailed Instructions


Click on the link ‘Check Alice Borrowers.exe to download and execute the file containing the procedure to check the exported Admin System Student Data against the Alice library borrower data.


Internet Explorer will display a warning message.

The exact message will vary with the version of Internet Explorer being used and how it is configured.


Double click to download and execute the file Check Alice Borrowers.exe


Internet Explorer 5

Internet Explorer 6

Click Run this program from its current location

Click OK


Click Open or Run

Click Yes

Click Run



If your Alice system is installed on a drive letter other than L:, change L: to the correct drive letter.




If you have run this option previously you will be asked to Overwrite the existing files.



Click OK



Insert the Admin System-Alice export floppy disk into drive A: and press Enter.

Alternatively if the Borrower Export file is on a USB drive, Type in the path and filename to access this file.



Most students will be matched automatically by name. Where a student name is found in the library system that is NOT matched by name to the Maze student data, you will be prompted to select the student from a list of students who have not already been matched from the Admin System-Alice Import disk.


Highlight the correct student’s name and press Enter to select them.


If the student is no longer at the school, press <Esc> and then <C>ontinue to skip over this student.


If ALL students in the Admin System import file have been matched, there will be no students displayed in the lower window. In this case, press <Esc> and then <A>bandon to skip over this section.


When all unmatched students have been identified or skipped over, a report will be printed of changes made.


Select <P>rint


Select <C>hange Printer



Select the printer name WINDOWS.



Select the correct Windows Printer to be used and press Enter



A report similar to this one will be printed.


Manual Corrections Made


Any students that you matched manually will be listed here.


Students with no Student code in Alice


Any students that still do not have a student code in Alice will be listed here.

Only students who have left the school should be listed.