Installation Instructions for TimeChart to OASIS Transfer Utility

Please read these instructions carefully! Do NOT save the downloaded file directly to a floppy disk.

Download TimeChart to OASIS Transfer Utility

OASIS Extras products are distributed as a WINIMAGE file. Running the downloaded WINIMAGE file creates an update floppy disk that can be used to install the program.

  1. Download the installation file and save it to the hard disk. Make a note of the name and the location where the file has been saved. e.g. C:\Windows\desktop\H8-002.exe
  2. Run the downloaded program by finding it using Windows Explorer and double clicking on the program to run it.
  3. When prompted, insert a blank 3.5" 1.4Mb floppy disk in the A: drive and click OK. WINIMAGE will format the disk and convert it into an installation floppy disk.
  4. Use this floppy disk to update OASIS.

OASIS Version 2.x :