OKI LED Printers Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to change the Image Drum?

The 'Change Drum' message will appear on the printer's status window at approximately 90% of the drum's life. The lifetime depends on the number of pages printed in each job. The drum rotates a couple of times before each print job and three times for every page printed. If you print lots of one page jobs, the drum will rotate more often than if you print just a few jobs of many pages each and hence the drum life will be shorter.

When the 'Change Drum' message appears, you should order a new drum, but not install it until there is noticeable degradation of the printed page. The first symptom of a worn out drum is a dark 'cloud' on the first page printed.

Do you have any tips for installing a new Image Drum?

1. Don't wear a white angora sweater. Sometimes toner will escape and make a mess. It doesn't improve good clothes one iota!
2. If toner does spill, wash it off your hands or clothes with COLD water only. Hot water will fuse the toner and make it impossible to remove.
3. Don't expose the green photosensitive surface of the drum to light more than necessary. Do not expose the drum to direct sunlight or florescent lights at all (both of which contain large amounts of Ultraviolet light).
4. Don't touch the green photosensitive surface of the drum with your fingers.
5. Always use a new toner cartridge with a new drum.
6. Always record the printer page count so you can determine if a drum has given adequate service.

How do I find the printer page count?

Most OKI LED printers including: OKIPAGE 6e, 6ex, OL 810, OL 810e, OKIPAGE 10I, 12i, 12n, 14ex, 14i, 16N, 20N, 24Dx, B4300

1. Turn off the printer
2. Hold down the Recover button and turn on the printer.
3. Keep pressing the Recover button until SYS MAINT is displayed.
4. Press the MENU button once.
5. Press ENTER to view the page count.


Not known or not possible

OL 400, 800

1. Hold down the '+' button and turn on the printer.
2. The page count will display on the status display window.

How do I reset the Drum Usage Counter

Most OKI LED Printers including: OL400e, OL410e OL810e, OL1200, OKIPAGE 10i, 12i, 14ex, 14i, 16n, 20n
1. Turn printer on while holding MENU 1/Menu 2 button until USER MNT displays.
2. Press MENU 1/Menu 2 until DRUM CTR RESET displays.
3. Press ENTER, then press ON-LINE.

1. Enter the printer Status Monitor software.
2. Click on Operator Panel.
3. Click on the Options tab.
4. Click Drum Count Reset.

1. Maximize the printer Status Monitor Display
2. Click the Printer Menu button
3. Click the Maintenance tab
4. Click the Drum Counter Reset button.

OL400, OL800, OL810
1. Turn the printer on while holding the RECOVER/RESET button until drum reset appears.
2. Press ENTER. Drum counter is now reset.

OL600e (Windows)
1. Click on the Status Monitor icon to expand the screen display.
2. Click the Service tab.
3. Under Reset, click Drum count, then OK.

OL610e (DOS only)
1. Exit Windows.
2. At the C:\ prompt, type CD\OKISTATM [ENTER].
3. Type OL610e [ENTER].
4. Click the Settings tab.
5. Under Reset Item, click Drum Count.
6. Click the Reset button.

What Warranty applies to OKI LED Printer consumables?

All consumables are warranted for 90 days from the date of purchase. In order to be able to claim against the warranty in the unlikely event that the goods should prove to be faulty it is important that the page count of the printer should be recorded at installation time.


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Page last updated 15 March 2004