Alice for Windows 5.40


A really quick start for those people who hate to read manuals


  1. Set Windows to use English (Australian) in Settings, Control Panel, Regional Settings and all workstations
  2. Add FILES=250 to C:\CONFIG.SYS (Windows 9x) or C:\winnt\system32\CONFIG.NT (Windows NT/2000) or
    add PerVMfiles=230 to [386Enh] section of SYSTEM.INI (Windows ME)
  3. Create a drive letter mapping L: to a shared directory on the server named Alice$. Grant Full rights to Librarian users and Read Only rights to Inquiry only users.
  4. If upgrading an OASIS Library system, copy \OASIS\LOASIS\*.D into L:\OASIS\LOASIS.
  5. Have a set of floppy disks for external backup. Standard colours are: Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black OR Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black. The colours can be changed by editing Bkpcolrs.bat. You will require roughly one disk per 10Mb of .D files to be backed up. Very large libraries should install a ZIP drive.
  6. Have the AfW registration details available.


  1. Insert the AfW 5.40 CDROM in the CD Drive. If it doesn’t Autostart, run D:\SETUP.EXE
  2. Next, Products, AFW 5.4, Next Yes, Next,
  3. IF New AfW installation: Install a New AfW System, L:\OASIS,
  4. ELSE Upgrade an existing System, Other Directory, L:\OASIS
  5. Site name: Library, (English/Australia), Next, (Components: Leave blank), Next, (Default data set: none), Next, Next.
  6. (Copying Files), Finish.
  7. Enter Registration details EXACTLY as they have been provided. Case maters, spaces matter. Forward
  8. Enter: Library Name, Library Code (the suffix on your barcodes), Forward.
  9. Language: Select English (Australian), Forward
  10. Wait while the Initial archive is processed. Finish.
  11. Enter the User ID and Password: MA / MASTER. No old passwords are transferred
  12. Machine Name: Shutdown (Give each station a meaningful unique name)

Post Installation

  1. Insert CEO Support files CDROM in the CD Drive. If it does not Autostart double click on D:\ AfW Support files and Manuals.htm.
  2. Double click on the link AfW SOE5.40 to apply Standard Operating Environment files. OK, Unzip, OK. Close.
  3. Double click on the link AfW Backup to install the Floppy disk backup procedures into L:\OASIS\BACKUP. OK, OK, Unzip, OK, Close. Edit Alicebkp.bat if the destination drive is not A: or other than 2 floppy disks will be used per backup.
  4. Login to AfW and force a Data backup, System, Parameters, Shutdown: Force Data Archive. Logout, Click green tick at ‘Waiting for Shutdown’ to start Shutdown (and data archive) immediately.
  5. Drag Shortcuts to AFW.EXE (AfW Management), AFWOPAC.EXE (Inquiry), BACKUP\AliceBKP.BAT onto desktop.
  6. Execute the External Backup icon to make an external backup to floppy disk.

Martin Hood

November 2000