OASIS Library Extras

OASIS Library Extras adds a wealth of functions to OASIS Library and Alice for Windows (*). Features include:

IMPORTANT WARNING: Do NOT use Library Extras with Afw unless you have version 5.33 or later installed. Due to a problem with versions of AfW prior to version 5.33, Library Extras, in common with other Clipper based applications, will cause AfW to believe that some data files are corrupt. If this has already happened, set the date on the workstation back to some date in 1999, and run Library Extras again. This will correct the problem. Then do not use Library Extras until you have upgraded to AfW 5.33

Library Extras is SHAREWARE. If you find the program useful, please forward a donation of $50 to OASIS Extras, P.O. Box 1048, Queanbeyan 2620

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Last Updated: 27/03/2003